17th January 2019
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About Arvin Dosari

The company now having design and manufacturing technology software and hardware in types of weighing systems and electronic cash register (POS) among the top companies in this industry is known in the Middle East and the West Asia region.


Arvindosari Company with registration number 274523 has started its activities in the field of production store scale in the Special Economic Zone Sirjan; after getting the standard certificate from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, has represented their products to introduced markets.


We are going to export our products to international markets in 2012 as largest scale and POS manufacturer has fund in the Middle East and West Asia by using our existing capacities in the fields of technology and technical knowledge and specialist.


Arvindosari Company as producer in store scale, POS and printer by using an efficient and professional force, modern technology, diversify production and competitive price following the expansion of domestic and abroad markets in order to earn more credit in among its customers and guarantee the survival company by presenting competitive products.

Quality Certificate

National standard from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran   

Usage Domain

Weighing machine store