20th October 2018
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Model: 6700
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Weighing Capacity
No. Max Capacity Min Capacity Division
1 3kg 20g 1g
2 6kg 40g 2g
3 15kg 100g 5g
4 30kg 200g 10g
5 40kg 200g 10g

Model 6700
Display LED Display: 5/6/7Weight/Unit Price/Total Price)
Double Side
LCD: White backlight
Printer Printer Type: Thermal
Paper Width: 57mm
Keypad 67 keys
Power Supply AC 220v
Battery Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life: 8 hours
Charge Time: 12 hours
Platter Size 395mm x 251mm
Dimensions Indicator Size: 226mm x 115mm x 37.5mm
Pole Size: 60mm x 385mm x 16mm
Pan Size: 395mm x 251mm x 131mm
Operating Temperate 0°c - 40°c
Product Weight 7.5kg
Communication Ports Cash Drawer

 70 Hotkeys
 To be possible to register 10,000 PLUs in system with details
(name, price, barcode)
 To be possible to weigh more than one goods continuallys
 Up to 3 different customer support
 Accounting Change
 Accounting discount
 Printing receipt & sell reporting
 Set date & time
 Security lock