20th October 2018
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Model: RS5000L
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Weighing Capacity
No. Max Capacity Min Capacity Division
1 30kg 100g 10g

Model RS5000L
Display LED Display: 5/6/7(Weight/Unit Price/Total Price)
Double Side
Printer Thermal Label Printer
Keypad Flat, 88 Hot-keys, 31 control keys
Power Supply 220V - 50Hz
Operating Temperate 0°c - 40°c
Humidity ≤90%

 Big storage capacity: 100,000 PLUs data storage capacity, plus extra storage option
 Powerful data processing: 88 PLU hot-key, programmed and printed in PC
 Various special selling modes: Discount in percentage or coupon, Additional charge in
  percentage or other extra charge, Change price anytime etc.
 Different type of selling: Weighing, Default price, Default price and weight selling
 Powerful network communication: program setting, multiple-machine networking, back-office
  management via either via RS-232 or TCP/IP
 Easy programming: PLUs database, label code format, system parameters, Hot-keys,
  8 letter strings, 255 explanations to be edited in PC or directly in scale
 Convenient label code formatting: label code and printing setting to be customized