20th October 2018
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Model: W1204
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Weighing Capacity
No. Max Capacity Min Capacity Division
1 3kg 20g 1g
2 6kg 40g 2g
3 15kg 100g 5g
4 30kg 200g 10g
5 50kg 200g 10g

Model W1204
Display LED Display: 5/5/6(Weight/Unit Price/Total Price)
Double Side
Printer No
Keypad 24 keys
Power Supply AC 220v
Battery Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life:
Charge Time: 12 hours
Platter Size 362mm x 235mm
Dimensions User Indicator Size: 90mm x 95mm
Customer Indicator Size: 232mm x 49mm
Pan Size: 375mm x 380mm x 46mm
Operating Temperate 0°c - 40°c
Product Weight

 8 Hotkeys
 To be possible to weigh more than one goods
 Accounting total prices
 Accounting total weights
 To be possible to turn on and turn off the LCDs